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The more you look at that

The more you look at that bill, the more bad things you'll see in it. Illegal aliens awaiting their pathway to citizenship get "RPI status" (registered provisional immigrant). The bill actually provides a strong financial incentive for businesses to hire RPIs over American citizens and legal immigrants with work visas. Why? Because RPI employees are not subject to Obamacare. If a business with over 100 employees wants to hire someone it normally has to either provide that person with government approved health insurance or pay the Obamacare penalty, which is $3000 (about $5000 after taxes). But RPI status employees are exempt -- a business doesn't have to provide them with health care insurance, and doesn't have to pay the Obamacare penalty.

So a company can save thousands of dollars per employee by hiring illegal immigrants rather than American citizens or legal immigrants. Every Democratic senator voted for this bill. Remember that the next time somebody tells you that Democrats care about the ordinary American worker.