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I genuinely hope you are just regurgitating talking points you got from AE911 or elsewhere. That would provide you with a degree of innocence, but what you post are lies.
If anyone wants to know why I pursue this issue, it is because I have deep respect for "truth"; it's the way I was brought up, and it sickens me to see fellow liberty lovers wrap themselves in "truth" by spreading lies. Truth need no embellishment.
Quote: "...without hitting any other building..."
Fact: 30 East Broadway (Fiterman Hall), across Barclay Street from 7WTC received so much damage from the collapse of 7 it had to be torn down.

The east face of Verizon Building, across Washington Street, also received significant damage, and part of Building 7 landed south across Vesey Street and into Building 6.

Quote: "...had very minor fires (office fires)..."
View and listen to this FDNY tape as they describe the damage and the fires. At 1:20 the fireman says, "Look at the hole in that building, it's gonna come down. Let's get everbody outa here". Later in the audio they can be heard describing the extensiveness of the fires.

Quote: "... it fell at free fall speed..."
It fell at freefall for approximately 8 floors out of the entire internal and external 47 floor collapse. (omission is just as dishonest as commission)

Quote: "... it wasn't hit by a plane..."
No, but it was hit with a near equivalent, that being multi-ton slabs of 1WTC perimeter wall, creating a top to bottom gash in the south face, as well as undermining much of the west south face. (omission is just as dishonest as commission)

Those are just the highlights.

Undo what Wilson did