Comment: That is not what faith is to me (((((Nonna))))))

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That is not what faith is to me (((((Nonna))))))

No disrespect to St. Paul, but faith is not the substance of THINGS hoped for, and evidense of THINGS unseen.

Faith is TRUST in Jesus. Faith is witnessing miracles, ie that which is beyond the abilty to reason. Faith is letting go and letting God.

I became a zionist by asking, "Why is Ron Paul saying, "Israel is our friend?". I have seen many claims made against Israel. I completely understand why the vast majority of people have great greivances against Israel based on the tremendous amount of proliferated media. None of that helped me understand why Ron Paul would say, "Israel is our very good friend". What did he see that me and the vast majority did not see?

For the most part, with respect, I have spared you. Not that I did not want to show you what I found.. for what I found was AMAZING.. absolutely AMAZING. It changed my whole life. But the little I shared, you ignored, did not respond, appeared uninterested, and I am not wanting to give you what you don't want. But I did give you a few things because it only seemed right that you should know that I was changing and why I was changing my position on Israel.

There is no way for me to prove anything to you if you refuse to look. I do not have any interest in changing you. My only interest was to let you know that I have changed and why.

Peace be with you (((((Nonna))))))