Comment: Go Adam Kokesh, then? lol

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Go Adam Kokesh, then? lol

It's easy for the knee jerked-inclined to jump all over Sen Paul for making the connection, but he's right--and, even if it's not popular (and even if you don't agree with him on this), is it okay for Rand Paul to be human every now and again and tell you what he thinks about a subject? Many here are complaining because he is "too political" and calculating all of the time.

Pedophilia is being normalized in Europe and at almost any major video store you can rent this movie...

"(2007) "Zoo," (a film about a man's 'relationship' with a horse) premiering before a rapt audience Saturday night at Sundance, manages to be a poetic film about a forbidden subject, a perfect marriage between a cool and contemplative director (the little-seen "Police Beat") and potentially incendiary subject matter: sex between men and animals. Not graphic in the least, this strange and strangely beautiful film combines audio interviews (two of the three men involved did not want to appear on camera) with elegiac visual re-creations intended to conjure up the mood and spirit of situations. The director himself puts it best: "I aestheticized the sleaze right out of it."

You might have to shed yourself of scenes from Glee and American Idol, but marriage really does have something to do with sex resulting in children...and the precarious situation of one member of the sex bearing that gift/burden.

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