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It is wierd

but Rand hasn't done much for me to not like him. I don't consider him being a lesser evil. I've shook his hand, spoke with Rand. I saw many of his speeches. He is a Paul. I'm keeping a close eye on him. Remember.. it is still early. Wait until debates start sparking off. Will see what Rand is all about. The endorsement to Romney is very off to me. I will never understand it. He didn't have to do that. He could still be just as popular as he is today if he didn't endorse him. Plus we all forget about what they did in the Primary. The rules are in place. The GOP is going to pick whomever they want. Unless we try and change those rules some how. I do feel like the Paul family has a plan and I am planning on supporting it as of now. If things start getting out of hand... maybe I won't. Is their anybody else out their running that has a better shot? I don't see any.

I'm a Christian and I disagree with gay marriage. They should call it something else. The only problem I got is the Federal Government should have nothing to do with marriage.