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Do you understand the significance of this damage?

If not, to help illustrate, stand a paper towel core tube on end and place something about the weight of half of a brick on top, centered. The tube will support the weight just fine. Now, use an exacto knife to cut about a 1/4 inch wide slit in the tube from one end to the other, stand it up, and put the weight back on top; see what happens. This is the same general principle as Building 7. It was a tube structure, with the perimeter walls sharing the building load with the core columns. Once that gash was made, the entire lateral support was compromised, causing the loads to shift, and causing the building to move, or torque. Once that happens, the building is shot. Even without the fires, it may have fallen eventually, and if not, would have to have been torn down.

Undo what Wilson did