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In Canada

the ballots are counted right at the ballot box in front of everyone and anyone who's willing to stay and watch. Anyone can challenge any single ballot that doesn't meet the criteria of a clear selection. They are also allowed to see a copy of the voter list. So you can't sneak in dead people or have a person vote twice anywhere. The vote totals have to match the number of votes caste, so there can't be any prestuffing of the box (which the scrutineers are allowed to check before the first vote) and then the amounts get pooled and the whole polling station's totals get phoned in. If you were at the polling station after the count you would be able to verify that the numbers called in are actually reported as such. The best part is that after the election, the votes for each ballot box still exist. It doesn't take long, but I don't think we vote for as many representatives as you guys at the same time because municipal, provincial and federal elections are held separately. The point is, you'd have to have a lot of people cheating to move the numbers by any considerable amount and it would be very difficult to do as long as their was at least one scrutineer watching.