Comment: Good point, Paul.

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Good point, Paul.

Good point, Paul.

There is this concept called:

yield, or efficiency, or ROI, or etc.

Let's not forget we're talking before anything else about a GOVERNMENT agency among the bunch.

True, they have huge tax payer's sweat and fake money-backed resources, but money even fake or stolen never makes the criminal smarter. It only enables an overkill approach to pursue whatever agenda they have.

No more and no less. 99% of bureaucracies' incentives are geared to only keep their job going without too much waves towards their hierarchies.

Very few are evil enough to actually be zealous and innovative in what they are doing against the public they plunder.

Only the big bosses are evil and the true control freaks, luckily they usually have no significant skills that would allow them to go on without always more plunder.

The real toughest issue is in the public apathy or unawareness, IMO.

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