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My Aussie Friend Cat Says:

ok whats happened...the labor party's been internal bitching for ages (they the government at present) so a few days ago media speculation had it that Rudd was going to go head to head with Gilliard again...Gilliard called a caucus meeting the other night and the party had a vote...with an agreement whoever lost would leave parliament...Gilliard lost...Rudd is now prime minister again. the faceless men that was mentioned where the labor back benchers who had been texting days prior to the vote that they'd lost confidence in Gilliard...they went from supporting her to Rudd so she lost numbers and so lost the prime minister position
What the liberals have come back with is that the leader of the country instead of being picked by the people was chosen by faceless men...we're due for elections around aug-sept so we then decide who gets in liberal or labour

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
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