Comment: I Will Support Rand

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I Will Support Rand

I read posts talking of Oligarchy and Rand bowing to Neocons and the like, but I see Rand as a breath of fresh air. You want to talk about Oligarchy? GHW Bush, Vice President 1980-1988, President 1988-1992; Bill Clinton, President 1992-2000; GW Bush, President 2000-2008; Hillary Clinton, Sec of State 2008-2012!!!! And now talk of her running for President. Over three decades of the same two families in power positions!!! Gay Marriage, who cares? All they want is to be able to live happy lives with their mate and have the same benefits as any other couple in the U.S.. So how does that harm you? By fighting against this issue, it harms them for sure. Because they are Gay and like having a partner of the same sex, does that mean the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution does not include them? It states in the Declaration of Independence that ALL MEN are created equal. It does not state ALL white men or ALL straight men or ALL religious men are created equal, but ALL MEN, which includes Women as the word MEN is there also! Should we tell any men or women that they are beneath the thoughts of the founding fathers just because they are different than you or I? Get over it and welcome all true Americans into the mix. The enemy are the ones who want to make all of us slaves to the elite class. We are almost to the point of having to pull our weapons out of our closet to defend our Liberties granted to us by the Constitution, and there are too many that let this issue cloud the real issues of the day. Glenn Beck? He is just the governments version of Alex Jones in order to sway us from the real truth. He changes the subject just enough to keep us somewhat blind to the real problems heading our way. Questions designed to put doubt into our minds about the true Patriots that will stop the momentum of the elite pawns taking us toward a One World Economic Order (OWEO). The economy is going to be crushed on purpose in order to bring this OWEO into place. Stop listening to the likes of Glenn Beck. He is not truly a friend to Liberty. Maybe I am rambling, but I believe that we have a lot of work to do and we need to quit being sidetracked by non-issues. Look to the Declaration and the Constitution for all your wisdom. It is the only thing that should guide you, no matter how you feel about any given issue.