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That was a Great Interview!

Rand Paul is his Father with a little more sense of how society views Politicians. Did anyone else sense the push back of Fox toward Rand? That should be eye opening in itself. I predict that Fox will push against him as he moves closer to nomination for 2016. He does have his fathers view of foriegn policy to a point, but he is willing to understand the majority of voters insecurity and fear of the unknown in foriegn affairs. I believe he will succeed where his father failed. Ron (Bless his Soul!) was shunned by the elite and many members of Congress because his truthfullness scared the BeJesus out of them. Rand has a diplomatic way of maneuvering around this fearfullness in order to gain trust to the many that just could not trust the Master (RP)!!! I believe that Rand is going to be the real deal. If I was Rand and won the Presidency, on the first day I would announce my father as my top advisor! Wouldn't that be something!!!!!!