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What does "where her freedom" comes from have to do with her being part of an angenda? What does people being in exile have to do with this discussion (other than her being the founder of a National Whistleblower coalition and representing 100s of people who are looking to keep the American people informed. Including Russ Tice from the NSA who came out way before certain 'exiled' persons and disclosed much more specific and useful information)?

Her fan base (not bass by the way)? She is an independent journalist running an independent media site with the assistance of over a dozen committed independant journalists. She doesnt operate to a fan base. ANd her efforts are non partisan.

Your attempt to spin a left moniker here is totally unfounded and irrelevant. If you took the time to know her story, read her book, followed even a crumb of her reporting, you would find numerous articles she and her team have done that supported Ron Paul and what he stood for.

I dont look to pass your convoluted test of Libertarianism. WHat i do is call out your ignorance when you show up on threads spewing ridiculous claims without substance or an ability to back it up. It matters when people try and sway a discussion without merit or insight.

Its a common flaw in your postings. And you know it.