Comment: posterity

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I have neither quit, nor withdrawn, nor repudiated. Since I never gave my consent, it cannot be withdrawn. If debt has been incurred or if there is a problem with debt, I never had a share in it. Furthermore, just think of the unspeakable immorality of "saddling posterity" with debt. How do you intend to live with your consent to such evil? (And you sound surprised that I have never consented to the Republicanism as outlined by the USC which you yourself acknowledge either causes such problems or has been unable to prevent them?)

I ask you honestly: How can you live with yourself if you consent to such a thing?

Such a position reminds me of the woman sitting on the bus next to Michael Nystrom. "Yes, we've picked the pockets of our children and grandchildren. They will just have to find someone else's pockets to pick."