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Let's get something straight

I misspell, spellcheck doesn't work for dyslexics like me, and if you don't like it, ignor my posts because I'm not going to edit my mispellings and I don't care what you think about that.

I believe in a free market that is based in supply and demand.. Edmonds supplies a source for (truthers especially) people who see corruption, and I call them fans because to me, she and her organization are entertainment.

They have not stopped government corruption, we all know it exists on many levels.. you see something wrong, you can turn to Edmonds. Will that protect you? NO. If she did Snowjob would go there. Back in the good old days.. you could go to Ralph Nader's Piublic Citizen and actiually get legal help.

Journalists have fans, and some journalists become media stars, or YouTube sensations. They all get paid for attracting consumers (fans). If Edmonds is doing anything more than giving whislblowers a place to vent and her fans confirmation of what they already know, good. Enjoy it. I think it's a waste of time and energy.

Tell me.. what is going to come from Edmond's YouTubes? Peace? Justice? Liberty? Truth with teeth to change the corruption? You think some collective of people is going to change the corruption? I suggest you make sure that what you do is not corrupt, and if you can do that, you have done more than most. To think that Edmonds and her fan club is going to expose and stop corruption means you don't understand the world you live in, are very nieve (to say the least).

Your name calling and insults don't help your argument, only prove your frustration.

I'm not a Libertarian. Been there done that. I'm a Zionist conservative, not to be confused with a Neocon because I am not for a UNNWO but restoring the Bill of Rights, power of gold and rights of ownership. I don't believe in entitlements and do believe the progressives mean well, but don't think as well as they feel, which your name calling and insults indicate you're on the left.. probably came here thinking you could battle the right and found common ground with others who are learning about what is liberty.

Ron and Rand Paul take huge learning curves, de-programming, and not being afraid to say what you mean and mean what you say. I am not afraid of being wrong.. that's how I learn.. so if I'm wrong about Edmonds, I would have to see where her organization actually protected a whistlblower and ended the corruption. I don't see that.. I see a jornalist who attracts conspiracy theorists.

I have a large collection of tin foil hats.. I LOVE conspiracy theory.. had a great interest in Edmonds long before I Daily Paul was created, shortly after 911 and when I had conspiracy magazine subscriptions.

Enjoy Edmonds, but don't expect everyone else to, for you will only upset yourself.