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yes . . .

a police state.

Yesterday we were driving on a 'country' road--

going the speed limit; we're 'old'--

the one at the wheel signaled and turned off, because we had mistakenly gone past our turn off (to get some garden supplies)--

immediately there was a local police right there, pulling up beside us, asking, "is everything all right?"--

Is everything all right?

The one at the wheel said, "I just missed my turn"--

We felt subdued--

He did go on ahead; maybe he was trying to help, but we didn't need his help--

we are two responsible adults, driving a fully functioning car and breaking no rules--

why did he ask if we needed help?

Yes, we are in a police state--

I have felt chilled since then. It was a small thing, but I didn't like the 'we are always here, watching you' feeling I got--

neither did my spouse, and we find ourselves wondering what was really going on--

We didn't need help; it was maybe 1 second from the time we pulled off until he was pulled up beside us--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--