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you get something straight

you lie. you misrepresent. its obvious to anyone who has done the research, read what you havent, and invested time to understand things being discussed.

you demagogue and distort. you use terms to discredit things when you havent a clue what you are saying. this last response is one of many in the same vein.

a source for truthers? entertainment? do you expect that to carry weight? how and via what magic. you can't provide any context or support for your claims. so they have no validity. no place in a discussion nor an argument. its empty, vapid, meaningless, and more importantly...untrue.

you have no idea what whistleblowers do. no clue about the national coalition does. if you did, you wouldnt peddle this drivel, you wouldnt try and offer empty idea to those who have an idea. who have done the work.

if you want to know what has come from Edmonds...look up the interviews with countless persons who know. Whether they are journalists, whistelblowers, senators, Person's of the year, experts, or intellectuals. people who know what she has done. for you to characterize her contributions in such a manner makes you look so small, so ignorant, so empty. your own words are laughable.

I will leave your self avowed Zionist claims to the judgement of history.

Its a good thing you are confortable being wrong. Becasue that is all you ever are. Wrong. Decietful. Ignorant. Prejudiced.

You again offered not ONE bit of support for your arguments. Empty. Vapid. As has been mentioned.