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Comment: I think gayness has been

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I think gayness has been

I think gayness has been falsely normalized in political spheres and in the state-controlled media, yes.

I take as evidence for this the idea that gayness in the species would be naturally self-limiting, or self-eliminating, because by its nature it's hostile to procreation. Over the arc of human development, some people who were "born gay" would mate, but the more gay they were, the less they would mate. So both the frequency and potency of gay tendencies, like any other trait with survival disadvantages, would be minimized or eliminated.

The fact that this behavior is cropping up frequently in our rather insane modern society is pretty weak evidence for there being a genetic cause.

The forced normalization theory is also supported by the idea that traditional institutions have agendas and support systems that often stand in defiance of central authority. Therefore, by advancing gayness, traditional institutions are divided and destroyed, and state power meets almost no resistance.

So there is, as far as the state is concerned, means, motive and opportunity for normalizing gayness.