Comment: What if you murdered the animal instead?

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What if you murdered the animal instead?

What if you murdered the animal instead? And then served it with roasted fingerlings, creamed spinach and a nice old vine zin?

Surely KILLING something is more violent than raping something. One violates the self, the other extinguishes it altogether.

We don't need to eat meat to survive, it's been proven. So it's purely a pleasure at the expense of the murder of an animal. Wouldn't the pleasure of sex at the expense of a rape of an animal be a lesser evil?

I would guess that incidents of bestiality would be pretty consistent with what we have now. The perverts would still hide their habit whether it was fear of the state or disgust of their neighbors.

If an animal brothel were to be launched, I could see that being kind of dicey in a free society. Libertarianism is not utopian for better or worse.

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