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Government should not be involved. From my pov the whole idea is totally offensive, that people should have to go on their hands and knees pleading to a govering body to be granted a natural right in their private life.

And from your pov, their private life is now a public matter and you feel asked to condone it. I thank you for arguing your case in intellectual terms, much respect even if we don't see eye to eye.

The last issue I have with your pov though is that gays cannot help the fact that goverent IS involved in marriage. So they work within the system given to obtain the same social privilege you have. Your fight ought to be with government alone, and not with those who really don't mean to trample on you: the gays...

Also, my reference to the size of this segment of society was not meant as a basis to legitimize one pov over another, quite the opposite, I wanted to take the moral majority argument off the table. So that's another place we agree.