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I don't know for certain...

... but it seems that the US does not have any penalties for having duel citizenship, but it does not recognise any other citizenship one may possess. So, with US/New York Citizenship, the only one that the feds will aknoweledge is the US one, because that one gives them jurisdiction. Eliminate US citizenship and they have no jurisdiction over you.

Another element that folks seem to have a hard time with is the idea that the jurisdiction of each of the Union States is now, and always has been, sovereign within the boundaries of its territory. The US, inc. has no jurisdiction uless or until it is GRANTED jurisdiction by the State. No two states can have sovereinty over the same territory. This is why the only territory that the US, Inc. has jurisdiction over is that which is not in the Union, such as The District of Columbia, and why, as a US citizen one is without the Union and therfore without the Constitution for the United States.

In addition, being registered to vote is key. One cannot vote unless one conferms that he is a US citizen, for only US cotizens can vote. If you want to be a State National you have to recinde your registration everywhere you registered. The 14th Amendment forbids State Nationals from voting.

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