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the granger

first,you did not hurt me
what bothered me is this,i took the time to show you something
you did not take the time to look
i figured most here want the same as i do (the truth)
and that is why i posted to you what i did
why did the rothschilds build a judicial bldg in israel?
why did they create it in the first place?
the gov of israel is picked mostly the same way ours here is
there is no faith involved,how can it be called faith,when they do not even
serve jesus,or only speak about him as a prophet? islam does the same thing
he is a prophet,just as is moses is to them
my time is precious,as i have a small window to work with. Each day i have about 3-4 hours,then i am done,it is not a choice for me
within this time i do what i can,and get done what i can do
Life is too short to argue,this is why i choose not to,but i try to educate
and get educated,if and when i find something worth while,i spread it far and wide.
i guess i thought most here wanted the truth,as we have been lied to for too long,and liars just suck :)
now you could go back and look at them links,maybe i did hit on something
do you not owe it to yourself,if it is true?
here is a tidbit for you, having lysdexia myself, i taught myself how to read,and write,and correctly,i did this when in grade school.This was before there was a name for it,I learned to spell backwards,yes backwards
i would start at the end of the word,and spell it backwards,no teachers knew
my parents do not know(to this day !!)
now math is another story,i still get them scrambled,but that is another story
I would rather have you as a friend and not an enemy,as enemies do not listen to others,even if it is the truth,they turn their thinkers off
what i do,i do alone.But it is always for others.I have always put my own needs second to others
anyways,have a nice day

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence