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What do people expect.

When the people have been willingly been medically drugged and given processed food, additives, preservatives, MSG, GMOs, fluoride, aspartame for 40 years. They can no longer think for themselves or care. Just look a the girl Raquel Jentel testifying in the Trayvon Martin case. Even my 30 year old children are not even thinking right anymore. They just eat out, drink diet crap and eat unhealthy foods. I raise them up eating healthy when they were kids on our farm. I still farm mostly organic. All I see are sheeple Zombies. Bush or Clinton. Thats all they know. When I talk about Ron Paul and liberty. I see dead lights in there eyes. This country is no place for old men anymore. Its gone. The government we have is the product of the people that voted for them. Most like it now as long as they can still super size their processed fast food. With a aspartame soda drink or a healthy dose of Clinton , Bush Mocha shaike.

Money talks and dogs bark