Comment: "placating the blue hairs"

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"placating the blue hairs"

As a politician, Rand has no reason to actively declare his personal opinion regarding the SCOTUS defeat of DOMA. I assume he agrees with the decision, but it's not a big enough deal for him to get into the faces of Santorum fans and scream, "Ha ha! In your face you nationalist, moral majority morons!"

The AmericaBlog article you posted is a hit piece. It's total spin, utterly deceptive, and intended to make Rand look like Rick Santorum. This particular slice of the gay community has something in common with Rick Santorum. Both hope for national legislation defining marriage.

Rand [like Ron] doesn't see it as a national or federal issue, but that if "government" should wrestle the issue at all, that wrestling match should not stray outside the ropes of State jurisdictions, and that any concerns regarding bestiality should be similarly bound.