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It goes like this.

P.L.->USC->CFR-> Agency Regs

and in parallel

P.L. - E.O. - D.O. - Agency O.

O's are supposed to be consistent with CFR.

Under Agency regs, in combination with Delegation Orders and MOUs is where this shyte lies. And it's not all published if classified per powers defined in 50USC.

What I'm suprised about is that a "letter" from Senators does nothing. Those senators can move to strike or alter the covering federal regulations from the CFR at anytime.

But they are afraid to or are afraid their motion will go down in a vote.

I guess a "letter" is a warning to reign it in a bit or else they might make a motion. Of course TPTB have all the down and dirty on any Senator that might make a motion. So, those Senators might get a "letter" back or might get Senator Craig-ed or Senator Carnahan-ed by TPTB.