Comment: In GOP primary, Only 4 states matter.

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In GOP primary, Only 4 states matter.

They are:

New Hampshire
South Carolina

If you've been doing this with me since 2007, THAT is the big lesson that you've learned. Whoever rolls out of those 4 states with big wins, the rest of the GOP electorate then "don't want to waste their vote" and then come "Super Tuesday", they all get in line to vote for the GOP "Front Runner". Then after that, everyone pines for the General election and so the "front runner" rolls on to victory. So, in the GOP primary race, only those 4 states matter.

Now, come election time, other states matter in the General Election, Texas, California, New York, Ohio, etc.

So, how is Rand polling in those 4 GOP primary states? He must be thought of as the "frontrunner" in those state even BEFORE the race begins. That is where our work must focus. Now all that the Paul team needs to do is call on the grassroots.... but I suspect that Rand will steer christian right, pro-israel, and make sure he gains the former Santorum/Huckabee voter (10 times bigger than us liberty voters). And if he loses half of his grassroots liberty voters, he knows he may gain half of them back again come General Election time. Why? Cause come General Election time he will steer center Left, pro civil liberties Left. In so doing, he can outflank a DNC candidate by decrying Obama "fine words and dangerous actions" and saying, "We heard this all before, but what did we get? A police state. Nobody wants that". He can take the massive middle voter in the great bell curve.

Let us know how he's polling in the early 4 GOP states...



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