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pathetic . Well, you know what's happening here right.

The neocons are going to flip sides to the democrats as they have fewer and fewer allies on the Republican side of the theatrics. How this works is that Jeb gives hillary an award to help build her up for 2016. In return, Hilary will give him the shake for 2020 or 2024. Democrat Republican they really don't care. The tptb just need a loyal puppet.

Hillary will get the female vote, but she's already lost a bunch of green party and other less indoctrinated "liberals". Her resignation was to distance herself from this administration. Probably a play to recapture the "liberals" she already lost. But the establishment knows they will need to recoup some votes by tapping into their statists buddies, the neocons. And the neocons will need democrat statists to vote for their idiot.