Comment: Absolutely Correct Dwalters. Wonderful Post. My thoughts...

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Absolutely Correct Dwalters. Wonderful Post. My thoughts...

Marriage should be only between those getting married and whoever else they choose to be involved BUT NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

Estate and property issues are legal subjects which the government has no business in either.

What happened this week is exactly what happens when the government uses tax code to influence social behavior. Other groups come along looking for the hand-outs too.

There never SHOULD be any tax advantage to getting married and having babies. Obviously the government does it to encourage people to breed more taxpayers.

But now, anyone screaming about the homosexual-marrieds getting the same federal benefits as the heterosexual-marrieds get, should realize how it came to this in the first place.

Those who have been all in favor of federal benefits for hetero-marrieds all this time, are screaming bloody murder now that the homo-marrieds can get the same benefits as the hetero-marrieds.

But what do you expect when you let government get involved in attempting to influence social behavior?

Lost in this whole issue is that government in a free society has no business giving ANYONE any benefits for their lifestyle choices.

Because once you allow that, eventually people will make their way into government and change laws to allow THEIR particular interest group to use government benefits too.

Also lost in all this, is that there never should have been an income tax in the first place, so that rat-bastards like John McCain and Lyndsey Graham and central bankers and military contractors can use the money to go to war after war after war and kill as many Arabs as they possibly can.

Or so that politicians can give it away by the billions each year in foreign aid.

Without an income tax, there would be no way for the government to use tax code to give money to any one group.

The point is, once you let the government influence social behavior with monetary advantages, don't be surprised when OTHER groups (even some who you may disagree with) come around asking the government for the SAME benefits.

We have become a nation of tribes - all standing in line at the government trough to get advantages for "their" particular group.


THAT is how this nation was set up - But that's not how it is anymore.

Once the idea of individual liberty is pushed aside (as has been aided and abetted by the rotted U.S. Department of Education), we are no longer free persons - we exist under a tyranny.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul