Comment: Love is spiritual, sex is carnal.

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Love is spiritual, sex is carnal.

Perhaps the word teach is not the best choice of words. But children do learn from role models and imitate what they experience in their environment, do they not? I imagine there was some stimulus in the environment that caused you to be sexually attracted to boys; perhaps the idea of a forbidden homosexual act or the desire to dominate or be submissive to another man because of actions by men or women around you, whatever, it wasn't merely appreciating the beauty of a man or boy. You control your own actions, do you not? You have free will, do you not? Or are your actions programmed by some genetic predisposition. Finding a person cute or beautiful doesn't lead to someone wanting to have sex with a person. A person can admire the beauty of an animal and not want to have sex with the animal, likewise a man can admire another man without wanting to have sex with him. And even if the desire does arise it is not impossible for an individual to control, reject and ultimately change their desires. But ultimately my opposition is not the decisions you make, of which they are not for me to judge, but having the government sanction homosexual acts is my objection. Marriage, whether it be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual or whatever should not be under the jurisdiction of government and is where I draw the line.