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Comment: I am so impressed YOU ARE A WINNER ((( <3))))

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I am so impressed YOU ARE A WINNER ((( <3))))

I did not see your article.. I saw your post and followed this link and wow.. WOW!

So many levels of WOW.

I'm lifting you up in prayer.. I want you to regain your health.. try here

At the soup kitchen we give a lot of money to indivduals for many reasons.. it costs nothing to ask and you may not get money.. you may get service.. help can come in many ways if you open yourself up to being helped.. seeing my name on your article was stunning.. I didn't expect that.. but it paled by your report on your committee, and that success was something I want to perpetuate, and to know you are suffering.. I'm lifting you in prayer..

It's a very powerful tool.. I'm very proud of you. Let's see what your Bishop (It matters not if you are Cathoic.. I am, and it's better from a Catholic than the state, though they may have connections with the state to help.. If you are Jewish there is also the same opportunity to get help, and that can include your hospital bill.. God works in mysterious ways).

GOD BLESS YOU and be with you. I am very grateful and proud for what you have done.. we need to get you ready for my toga party at the RNC 2016. ((((((((((((American Nomad)))))))))))))

I love you.