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Comment: The only thing they are going to ban is Polygamy.

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The only thing they are going to ban is Polygamy.

Besides banning a traditional marriage between one man and one woman, the only other bans are likely going to be against polygamy of 1 man and several women. This is because these institutions produce children in families. We have population control going on in this world and it's a soft kill. Not having children can be argued as killing the people of the future in a very real sense. With out life there is no liberty. It is a self evident truth that children raised with their father and mother in love and caring is the optimal situation for them. Destroying this family unit is the goal of these demon death dealers. Promoting every other non-child rearing situation is what will be glorified and praised. Biblically speaking the first commandment was to Multiply and fill the earth. As we have liberty and invent and become an advance civilization we need specialists of every kind, more life and diversity is needed to advance to the next level. So get married and have as many kids as you can and teach them liberty, love and hope..