Comment: As our needs for power grow

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As our needs for power grow

the number of birds on the planet will decrease.

That is my interpretation of this article. If it were a "clean" coal plant, it might have killed 8,000 people through air pollution, but no one would have ever put 2 + 2 together. "People just dying of cancer at an increased rate."

Why? There is some externality that is being produced that is causing cancer. Where is it? Is the confusion that is being caused about it intentional?

In answer, the cause is the food. Or as Renato says, "It's all in the food, Mikey. It's all in the food."

The gosh darn problem is that the food industry - the junk food industry, but that goes without saying now. Anything that has been processed is junk food. 90% of what is sold in grocery stores is simply not edible. Should not be eaten.

Drugs, basically. Processed foods provide taste & texture, if not optimal nutrition. Food directly evokes and responds to a primary emotion. It is second only to sex in that aspect. Eating is the second most intense emotional experience to a human. It is a choke point as a mechanism of control, and it has been taken over by about 5 food conglomerates who are fat and pacing greedily around that choke point.

"What else can we throw down those endless holes? How about some breakfast sandwiches, but instead of bread - pancakes! Make it about a thousand calories, half of them fat. Who cares? We aren't eating it! Shovel some more! They love it!"

And just like there are a handful of media companies that control everything. They're in cahoots - telling us all what to eat during the "programming." The entertainers are only there to keep you for the ads. The ads are the real show. Not Rush. Not Hannity. Not that new kid on MSNBC with the dark eyes - Chris Hayes. The real stars are the ads.

The ads are the control system. The ads keep you in the toxic cycle. The toxic cycle of food. All other cycles can be described as some variant on "Living your life for other people's opinions."

I'm tempted to get cable back just to study the ads!