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Comment: Personally, I find the idea

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Personally, I find the idea

Personally, I find the idea that humans are somehow special (having a soul, consciousness) and that there should exist special rules for them because of that a somewhat narcissistic notion.

Humans are animals as well. A highly SUCCESFUL animal, but there's nothing remotely special about them. We have superior intelligence and yes, that's great, but this superior intelligence doesn't somehow give us special rights. In the eyes of the universe (or God), we are smaller than a speck of dust. Even if we managed to colonize half the galaxy, it would just be a piece of trivia before the universe/God. Because even such an act is as nothing before the grandness of existence itself.

The issue regarding bestiality is not about consent and it has nothing in common with homosexuality. Personally, I find it more comparable to pedophilia. The reason I believe pedophilia should be a crime and punished (and not homosexuality), is because while a child may give consent, they are not adult enough yet to make such a decision. An adult engaging in pedophilia is simply abusing his position in order to alleviate his desires.

Similarly, even if we could see that the animal would be happy (and this spectacle could thus be interpreted as consent), the human engaging in bestiality would still be abusing his higher position as an intelligent being. Consent of an animal wouldn't matter in this case, because the animal simply doesn't know enough to realize if it's being abused or not.