Comment: Bob, enough of you man, You

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Bob, enough of you man, You

Bob, enough of you man, You spread bullshit around here way too much, it is you I believe is the fraud, you spread more propaganda than the MSM, I don't worship Kokesh and don't even agree with some of the things he does and says, with that said, your constant obsession at attempted propaganda is very telling. You offer no real proof of anything other than the fact that you have a hard on to get the movement to drop association with Kokesh by any means, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT COINTEPRO AND THE MSM does!

Personally I don't believe you are cointel and why? Because you are not smart enough for a position of that nature, as far as media yes, I think you would fit in just fine, perhaps in a Jerry Springer type format would be fitting but nothing with any real need for actual journalism skills. We have had enough of your bullshit here as you can see by the many, many comments in your post, go start your own forum, maybe call it, it should attract maybe 6 or 7 members, would be fun for you!