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Comment: Attack the man, and ignore

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Attack the man, and ignore

Attack the man, and ignore the message

That message being, NOT kokesh, but the response of this case, for NOT, as you're point seems to be entirely based upon....NOT, smoking a joint.........and what if he was, what rights has he infringed upon on THAT video

Once you recognise the converstaion, maybe you can make yourself not that which you claim others to be,

Governments should not be expected in ones life, it should be a thing that is known in history, because only then, would we be a society of trully free individuals, individuals capable of understanding our rights, unto us and unto others......they are one and the same......if somebody losses their right, WE lose that right.......NOBODY is asking you to praise kokesh, none of us are asking you NOT to diagree when you disagree, what people are expecting, is for people to understand WHOSE rights are being infringed upon.......if you say kokesh, then you are just showing people, you have no idea where folks are coming from, on this,
Then, you do something really sheepy, by derogatorilly and generallaly insulting the people, and ignoring the message, by calling folks who arent agreing with you, yes, even those who are still neutral, sheep, it shows us, not only are you unaware of the converstation, that you exibit behaviour, that is normally observed, in those which you are claiming others to be

Im a sheep, im not a sheep.....your words mean nothing, i still see the message......and still hold my critical mind, even though you assume we dont