Comment: OK, here's the truth to this

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OK, here's the truth to this

As many already know this, I work on the DOD network.

This is about money, nothing really more. If a classified document gets on a DOD computer, it is called spillage and cost upwards of $11,000 per computer to eradicate all classified documents from an unclassified computer. If it gets emailed, then it has to be removed from the server and any recipients. It can cost a lot in the end, so no one is allowed to visit sites that may contain US Classified documents.

Just because they are released, doesn't mean they become unclassified.

Now that said, they also don't want workers not cleared for these document viewing them either, it's a "trust" issue that if your employer doesn't grant you clearance access to certain files, you shouldn't have access to them, Government or Private company.