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More details

I would expect more details about the events.. as it is it's propeganda headlines with no substance and the veiwer is expected to take these "headlines" and come to a conclusion she had already made for us: HATE AMERICA.

"Look at these reasons you should hate America".

I don't see the government promoting fear.. I see "editorials" such as hers fearmongering/ hatemongering,

What kind of Americans love protecting their fellow Americans? Military, police, IRS, lawyers, doctors, trash collectors, baby sitters?

Most Americasn still have no clue what a terrorist is, and this article wants us to think that the government thinks ALL Americans are terrorists. That is a LIE.

I don't hate people. I hate some things people do such as terrorism. Terrorist don't become terrorists until they have acted as a terrorist, that could be planning a bombing of a Church, Temple, school, government building.

It appears to me, I'm seeing more evidense lately that 911 was NOT an inside job. I'm seeing radical muslims taking credit, employing the burning WTC teowers as part of their sign waving.. "We destroyed America".

The terrorism that is striking the world in areas that do not have governments with systems that protect public places is devestating.

Have you seen this?

I think it's time people wake up. While Americans are having abortions, radical terrorists are breeding, to produce huge families with the goal to have America Islam by 2050.

The government does not see Americans as terrorists.. it sees a threat, as do ALL nations..

America did not start the war on terrorism/ Jihad.. it is responding.

Ron Paul asked us to get involved.. join the GOP, beciome the government you want to have. Many have no intention in becomming the government they hate. What do they want? Jihad? Is that what you want? If not wake up, stop blaming Americasn government and stand up for freedom from Jihad.