Comment: Did you join the GOP?

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Did you join the GOP?

I don't beloeve you joined the GOP or have any idea how a major party is actually set up.

There are many ways to eliminate and elected person, but it doesn't happen often because elections are expensive to the tax payer.

This is why Ron Paul's invitation to the GOP was so important in the rEVOLution.. it took a learning curve many were unwilling to begin. You needed to learn the county, state and national by-laws (how to remove someone within in contained), you needed to learn Robberts Rules of Order, you needed to study who is who and what and why and how they operate, and this includes the organizations.. and how lobbiests work, how political aides operate,, who the federal, national, states, county, city, unincorporated/rural areas were mapped politccaly, who is elected, who is appointed, what department has what power.. how the military overlays all these areas and how to chalange that.. Ron Paul gave us all the opportunity to get in and get with the program.. BECOME THE GOVERNMENT YOU WANT TO HAVE.

And boy oh boy is it an education.. talk about rabbit holes.. the propeganda churns, and doesn't stop but increases in mass daily.

I commend you for having an idea. If you really believe you idea is worth, get involved in the GOP and join those who have more than ideas, but the guts to actually become the government.