Comment: My premise is A-OK.

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My premise is A-OK.

I'll say it again:
"You own your stuff on your own property, of course."

The topic is America.

I used Disneyland as I thought you could make the connection. I'll try again.

DDucks is managing Disneyland when someone sneaks over the fence. Dducks lets the guy hang around using most of the facilities and eventually gives the guy a lifetime membership and benefits.

Open borders is not a principled position, because half the country is NOT privately owned, and it is wrong to take it from citizens to give to non-paying foreigners.

I heard the following from Dr. Ron Paul, to paraphrase: "If you don't protect the borders, you don't really have a country, do you?"

The following quote from Ron Paul is from

"A nation without borders is no nation at all. After decades of misguided policies America has now become a free-for-all. Our leaders betrayed the middle class which is forced to compete with welfare-receiving illegal immigrants who will work for almost anything, just because the standards in their home countries are even lower.

If these policies are not reversed, the future is grim. A poor, dependent and divided population is much easier to rule than a nation of self-confident individuals who can make a living on their own and who share the traditions and values that this country was founded upon."

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ