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Thanks I needed some encouragement

silver is now down 97% from it's inflation adjusted high in the 70's, it should be $500 to $600 per oz. All commodities, Autos and real-estate have increased over 1000% since the 70's silver is the only commodity to fall. Up until the 70's silver was real money.

Price inflation in the US:

Here you see that silver is the most under valued in the history of the world:

There is only a finite amount of silver to mine at these prices debt clock is even tracking precious metals:

Here you will see India and China are on track to import all silver produced in the world what are the rest of us going to use?

Silver must return to $50 per oz for sanity in the market, but I am looking for that $1000. per oz.

It's only a matter of time before the silver market goes to the inflation adjustment where all other commodities are. When that happens a suppressed market tends to over correct, so a $1000 per oz is very possible.

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