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The answer

First, are you a participant in any religion?

The answer, to the your, last question is that he wanted Cain to confess, obviously. One could also ask why God asked Adam "What have you done?!" He already knew, then, too! I remember as a child, my mom asking the same question, as I did to MY CHILDREN! I guess God asked those questions, because that is what one does to his children! It's just natural!

I have to agree, and disagree with you. The original colonists, were Christians, who came here to escape religious persecution. That is well documented in the history since I was in first grade! When the founding fathers established the Amendments, they wanted to assure us the right to practice "religion" as we wish, short of polygamy. We are not a theocracy, thank God and the founding fathers!

Since, you brought up religion, here are my thoughts. Most religions have man made rules, instead of Biblical laws that guide them. Reading the Bible all of the way through, and studying it for ten years, does wonders about having a personal relationship with my Savior, Jesus and thus, with God. I am not God, but I followed another suggestion made in the Bible "study to show yourself approved". I picked up a lot of what it says. Imagine that! So, any "human bias" you picked up, I have to defer to my studies of the Bible. I am glad I picked them up so much that they are part of my personality. So much so, that you would assume the Biblical thoughts are MY, personal, biases. Would not Jesus be called an angry human when He threw the money changers out of the temple?! The scriptures say it is alright to be angry, but don't sin!

What about "Yeshua ha Maschia!"

Did you ignore the fact that "judge not"(lest you be judged in the same manner) was a New Testament scripture?! (also reveals God's endless love) That proves that statement, wrong, as well. I did NOT "focus" on the Old Testament! It is mine to take care of myself and all of my sins. I assure you, that keeps me busy enough! Gays can live as they wish and still be part of my family, as they are.

My other New Testament favorite is only one of the two commandments given to Christians by Jesus. "Love your neighbor as yourself". The meaning seems clear. That includes trying not to be abusive to anyone on earth. I cannot even get into fights because I am such a pacifist! Jesus went one step better and said Christians should love their enemies! Otherwise, you (we) are no different than any other people on the earth". We are, also called out, to stand in the world as a "shining example".

Since having sex out of marriage is a sin, it is no different than the sin of laying with another man as a woman. Only, that the latter is also referred to as an abomination. Both are forgivable. I just fear the behavior, like I do suicide. I, just, would not want to take the chance! You can bet "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". I have a right to my opinion and so do atheists! I do not condemn anyone. If you want to take it to the max, serial murderers, OJ, etc., might be with me in Heaven. God is merciful, unlike many humans' judgements!

Arrogance is making assumptions, about someone, you know nothing about. I would not assume I have all of the knowledge an omniscient God has. The more people that make it to Heaven, the merrier. I have read that one of Peter's books was left out of the Bible, because he spilled the secret. He wrote that we, all, are going to make it, after another of his visions!

You see why short comments are so useless to make the assumptions you made about me. I promise. I will, never, try to force my beliefs on others. I don't see it as my job.

Forgive me, brother, if I have sinned!

(Sorry about the long post, everybody!)