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Good points, thanks...

1-2. I didn't much like the "speckled egg" wallpaper either, and I think the font is too small. I'll see what I can do about the numbering. I've never done anything like this before, but with everything that's going on right now, I thought it would be better to get the idea out there and worry about the way it looks later. As important as I know it is to the person that's trying to read it, I'm concerned that I may lose people because of the way the website looks.

3. You have it right. Their constitutional terms don't change, just the number of terms they can serve. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that term limits can't be imposed by the states, so it seems that the states could do this with no problems.

As far as the number of years for the term limits, they are entirely arbitrary. They are numbers plugged into a space where numbers are required, and the states and their citizens are free to fill them in with whatever numbers they wish. I went with the term limits of my state reps and senators. They seemed pretty "neutral" to me.

4. The fact that there is no constitutional provision to remove a member of Congress is the beauty of the Constitution. If it's not there, it's up to the states and the people. See the 10th Amendment.

It may be "amateurish", as I am most definitely an amateur at this, but it is the only way I can think of to break the cycle of Party politics that leaves us with Obama and Romney, McCain, Pelosi, Boehner, etc. If we can neutralize Party politics by relieving Party politicians within our states, the Parties will lose their power, just as every other powerful outside influence on our government will lose its power.

What we are doing is not working. Empowering our states and holding reviews could work.

Your comments were right on. Thank you!