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Comment: Be careful what you wish for, Michael.

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Be careful what you wish for, Michael.

Rallying to go to the moon (sic) in today's times means calling for the government to fix it for us. We don't want that.

In answer to your other question first, "can we get that technology done?", I can tell you that it's already here. It's been here and as you might imagine, it's been fighting monetary control now for a few years. Of the technologies that I'm aware of, which are all non-public and fully resource positive, their progress is nothing short of staggering. They span multiple industries from energy and water to communication, to food, to finances and on to education. Once the last financial roadblock gets successfully hurdled, they will thrive on each other. Then, just like the adoption rate of cell phones has gone exponential in recent years, these technologies will sweep the globe faster than any regulation can keep up. The short version is that before you know it, you won't recognize a number of industries.

But, returning to the rally movement topic, just know that it's being done and won't take much longer. The days for doing it publicly and by the Keynesian rules have all passed by because the game has changed substantially. Basically, in the game now, an economics degree is the worst hindrance you could have.