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very good decoding

interesting! is this why they need to 'catch snowden' in an alleged manhunt to catch the gut-spiller?

story also deals with the question of patriotism, who the real enemy is, bureaucracy, and what is right in a moral dilemma where a person can cooperate with others to their collective greater payoff; or can sell them out by not cooperating, and reap even greater benefits as an individual. any of this sound familiar?

the bureacratic governmnent was unable to extradite snowden from hong kong because of bumbled paperwork. the question of betrayal to the collective. the question of patriotism and who to trust. from a whistleblower's perspective, the catch22 of doing the right thing and becoming a traitor criminal to the government or doing your job as you are told and being a traitor criminal to the people.

author of the book says one of the meme's of the book is that they can do anything to you that you are unble to stop on your own. Snowden famously said that his greatest fear is that nothing would be done to stop what they are doing to us.