Comment: If you take two commodities from 1979

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If you take two commodities from 1979

say silver and gas at the pump. Silver was at an all time high of about $50 per oz and gas was around $.40 per gallon. If you look at all the commodities and see how much each has risen you'll get about a 1000% increase since the 70's. Gas has kept up with inflation, because it hit over $4.00 per gallon but is now a little lower. Silver is the only commodity that has not gone up. If you use the average inflation from the site, silver should be $400 to $500 per oz. Since silver has been so suppressed for the last 40 years it could go parabolic when it finally breaks lose.

Inflation adjustment is just saying were a commodity should be if it tracked all others, which silver has not.

Another point to keep in mind the US government had 6 billion oz of silver at one time, but squandered it manipulating the market. So physical manipulation is over they must use paper to short the market.

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