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i replied to jon's comment,your comment was attached to mine
meaning you were questioning me,so you replied to my comment
in my comment to you,i never said what existed or didn't
you replied back about shapeshifters.i have no first hand proof any of them things are real,but there is a historical record called the bible,and it talks about demons,spirits and angels
back to my first question to jon,it was prove demons,angels and spirits do not exist,as he was the one who posted the link from the OP,and in this link it talked about shape shifters (as if shapeshifters debunks the whole point or piece of the article in question
i do not buy into the fact that because he is an op here,that whatever comes out of his mouth is gospel,and he doesn't need to be questioned (he does)
right along with the rest of us.Jon doesn't have the all knowing and seeing
eye that speaks nothing but truth(no one does)

and i did notice Jon never responded back with evidence of his claims
he feels he has not got to,people respond to the posts here when questioning an Op or MN,and they never get around to answering back,I guess the need just hasn't risen yet
no one knows all the answers for every topic out there,and i do not think just because it is the DP that certain ones get a free pass.This is why
i require proof,i do not blindly follow people because they have some sort of status
I say prove it

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.