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Comment: Wind Turbines Waste fossil fuel, not preserve it

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Wind Turbines Waste fossil fuel, not preserve it

One year ago yesterday it was a headline in my local msm newspaper: "Wind farm proposed"(mile and 1/2 West of my house).
I've been on this issue since the 2007 Calumet County(WI) County Fair. Calumet County Citizens For Responsible Energy(CCCRE) enlightened me and started me on a journey of truth. Not unlike Ron Paul and the Daily Paul Liberty movement. There is nothing good about wind turbines or wind "energy" unless you don't mind being involved in tyrannical extortion of money for the sake of Al Gore/Jim Doyle(former WI governor)/Scott Walker(present WI governor) "green" fraud....or if all you care about is profiteering for yourself and/or your favorite wind farm developer.

I welcome any feedback on this issue, but my views will not change

There are possibly two alternative energy concepts that I can agree to: Coal to liquid technology(to keep mercury out of the air) and Thorium nuclear. Most others are a waste. See: Headlong Into An Energy Nightmare-Russell Walker, P.E. 13 January 2013. His e-mail:

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