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Nope, I didn't.

I did join a local meet-up group during the 2012 election cycle, and there I met quite a few people who had joined the local GOP for the 2008 election cycle.

I was an alternate delegate to my district and state conventions. At the state convention, we ended up split into two RP factions - one side was rigid about the RP-only slate, and the other side shared a slate with Santorum supporters. So we had two slates. We didn't have the numbers to win, and at the beginning of the convention they played a video of Santorum telling his supporters to stand with Romney. It was over already at that point. And I was not impressed at all with the process. Then I moved about this time last year and haven't gone to a GOP meeting since.

You see, I consider both parties as part of the problem. They are powerful outside influences on our representatives, like all the other outside influences. Boehner recently threatened something like 70 representatives who stood together against the senate's immigration reform bill. Besides Boehner's threat, the fact that there were only 70 of them is very telling to me about where the GOP stands today.

But I do agree that winning over the GOP is the clearest path to saving the Constitution, within the system that has already been established for us. It sounds like you've really gotten in there and you're getting things done. That's a front that needs to be handled, definitely.

I think this project would make what you are doing a lot easier, especially since you would know and could explain why the project would be wreaking havoc on establishment Republicans in Congress. Then when it came time to come up with a replacement for a rep who had been relieved, it would make sense to nominate pro-Constitution and liberty candidates, to save yourselves the trouble of having to deal with "us", yet again.

Do you see how the two fronts could work hand-in-hand?

I don't want to wait as long as I think it will take to win over the GOP, and I never want to have to choose the GOP over the Constitution. I'd happily pay whatever taxes are necessary to hold an election because my rep was relieved for not representing me. My guess is that I'd only have to do it once. The next guy would know the deal when he assumed office. They all would, eventually.

We could have this project going on in six months, all over the country. Then both parties would watch their establishment influence vaporize as we call the guy they chose for us back for review, any time we see the need, and relieve him.

I commend your efforts within the GOP and thank you for your comments. They really made me think. :-)