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Don't Mistake

I saw the post about the relevancy of Montana, and that's absolutely true. With our late primary, and a recent switch from a true caucus to a caucus/primary state, our relevancy is even lessened. Regardless, it's my home and I'm interested in news from here.

I want people to realize something about MT. Having been heavily involved in the 2012 run for Ron Paul, where we secured almost 46% of the state convention delegates for Ron Paul in the wake of Rand endorsing Romney, that it really doesn't matter what our polls say. We've got powerful neo-con forces in our state GOP and they're not taking kindly to our presence. They're a sheisty bunch of folks, with little or no regard to law, fairness, the will of the people or even winning elections. Our state chairman is literally on record saying, "We don't need the Ron Paul people." And promptly thereafter, they lost two major (and critical) elections to the margins of the libertarian vote. They want to blame these losses on us (and some grand conspiracy that doesn't exist) and not their ineptitude at running a party that welcomes all conservative thought.

We've made great strides recently, but it's still an uphill battle. I'm hoping 2016 might just be the year where we gain terminal velocity and can steamroll right through the conventions. If we can keep it together, that's very much how it's going to roll.