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The US Mint has produced, up

The US Mint has produced, up to the end of June 2013, 340,797,982 American Silver Eagles. That is JUST American Silver Eagles, other countries around the world have also been a mint'in... At 40 million a year, as example, that's a 8 1/2 year supply of ASE's. If you think that those will NOT come to market at some point, you're living in denial. When you throw in all the coins minted worldwide in the last 30 years along with junk, I'd be surprised if there were less than a billion ounces of investment silver CURRENTLY available. These are coins that sell at a premium to spot, Industrial usage of these coins ain't gonna happen because industrial metals can be bought at spot prices.

If demand wains and investors bring even a portion of that supply to market, prices could drop to new lows in a very short time. Funny, I don't see any of the "cheerleaders" even mention anything about this supply in their calculations. They talk about it as though it is POOF, gone. But it ain't gone, its sitting there in some "Average Joe's" hands, waiting to come to market, either because prices are high, or because prices are low and falling...

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