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I am doing well and I hope you are too (((((John C)))))

Yes, Ron Paul said that, and why we are to take the places of those who were a threat to out liberty,, but do not neglect the threat that has struck from outside and is getting support from the left (and neocons.. Obama supporting the Syrian rebels for example)

Paul Craig Roberts drives me nuts.. Do you know what position he held under Reagan? I'd LOVE to see him tell us how bad the fed is.. instread, what PCR really is SOUR GRAPES.. he's pissed that he didn't advance and the government went on without him.. he made his mark by being a repoublican against Bush.. how refreshing.. but it was all intellectual posturing because he never talks about the treasury department, which is led. He was part of the problem.

Maybe if you got involved on a GOP committee you would see how we are advancing.. itr's been said that the movement is trying to stear an ocean liner and it's not going to do a hairpin turn. hang in there.

Look at the reasons the DHS is saying that

People who promiote freedom and liberty and NOT considered right wing extremeist UNLESS they threaten the government. Ron Paul did not say, Go and threaten the government.. he said BECOME THE GOVERNMENT YOU WANT TO HAVE..

The IRS targeted more than conservative groups. Why did MSM only mention conservative groups? BE VERY AFRAID.. that's the message. That's how you kill freedom. Don't buy it.. the Tea Party didn't buy it.. take you talking points from Rand not RT.

911 is has become conspiracy theory, whether inside job or not.. the fact it has become conspiracy theory should tell you,, YOU WILL NEVER GET THE WHOLE TRUTH. That said.. you have Jihidists taking credit.. instead of arguing that your own govenment is worse.. you miss the real threat they promise you.. 911 is done.. but the storm approaching is one you can work to abet or stop. What's your choice?

Terrorists are breeding in Switzerland etc